Xciel Inc is a trusted designer and manufacturer of high-quality mobile devices that can withstand the extreme challenges of hazardous environments. From rugged iPhones and iPads to Android smartphones and Windows devices, we have everything you need to work without worrying about damaging your device and more importantly about not creating an explosion.

Apple Tablet Protection

Xciel ruggedizes multiple versions of the IPad, making them intrinsically safe in order to enable you to bring this device into any hazardous area. The protection they offer is designed to resist shocks, vibrations, dust and water in both indoor and outdoor environments and allows you to connect securely to any Wi-Fi or LTE network.

 xciel apple tablet protection

Microsoft Tablet Protection

Xciel makes Microsoft tablets intrinsically safe so that they can be brought out into the field in a hazardous workplace. By doing this they enable companies to have real time access to data as well as the ability to make video calls or record data immediately in the field.

xciel microsoft tablet protection

Apple Phone Protection

From IPhone's 5 through 8 and soon to be IPhone X, Xciel ruggedizes these phones and makes them intrinsically safe to be able to be brought in the field. These devices can make any work site safer as well as more efficient by using the many data collection and communication apps available.

apple phone protection

Android Phone Protection

Xciel offers a ruggedized Samsung galaxy 4 and 8. These phones are designed to be able to be used in the field to help make work easier, save time and money, as well as make the workplace safer to be in through increase in communication. The applications available for data collection and sharing will also help significantly improve efficiency all over the workplace.

xciel andriod phone protection