BARTEC PIXAVI have over 14 years' experience with IECEx, ATEX and CSA certified communication products. We create mobile devices and Wi-Fi infrastructure for hazardous areas zone 1. With their products the user has access to a wide range of value adding services and applications such as mobile telepresence, video conferencing, office mobility apps, inspection and maintenance apps, which overall help improve efficiencies, worker collaboration and safety throughout the workplace environment.


The BARTEC Agile X Intrinsically Safe tablet is an extremely rugged and highly flexible industrial tablet PC for rough environments. Agile X has a large number of international certifications and can be used throughout the world. It is certified for ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 and UL Class I Division 1. Further national certifications are possible on customer request. Thanks to its broad range of functions, the Agile X is the perfect assistant to service technicians, operating staff, engineers and project managers in the field and in industry.

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The Bartec Impact X combines all the features and abilities of a normal phone with the ruggedness and toughness of an explosion proof, intrinsically safe device to create a very useful tool for any hazardous workplace. Complete with data management and video streaming technology, the Impact X will help improve efficiency as well as Safety all around the workplace. Bartec's Flipscape mode also makes taking landscape photos much safer and easier.

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Wi-Fi Camera

The Orbit X intrinsically safe wireless camera can be used in many ways to help improve efficiency in the workplace. It can be mounted on a helmet or used as a security camera. Because it is connected to Wi-Fi it can live stream video to any device which is also connected to the internet, so whether you're performing an inspection, maintenance, documentation or remote diagnosis, the Orbit X can help make sure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Bartec offers Wi-Fi access points which are intrinsically safe and can be mounted just about anywhere in a hazardous workplace. Bartec is the only company of the four we are affiliated with that carries this product. Their solution is much smaller than others, making installation easier and less expensive and it can support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wirelessHART as well.

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Bartec offers two applications which will help make any workplace more efficient. The Collaboration X application allows you to manage all your intrinsically safe devices as well as manage all the data which they collect, all on one interface. The other application is SIPIDO. This is a video conferencing and streaming app. This allows you to stream video to any other device or computer or have a live video conference directly from the field. This saves time as well as money by being able to remotely diagnose and solve whatever problems arise without having to bring in extra assistance.

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